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Rogue Benefit Planning is composed of a team with over 50 years of experience in the industry. We have all come from different job positions, some being with large corporations and others being from small, local offices. With our vast knowledge and experience we strive to not only deliver strong, reliable service but the answers and out of the box thinking that you need to understand and survive in a world where your insurance needs can make or break the farm. Our access to specialized health insurance carriers and programs as well as a network of amazing colleagues and professionals in the industry allow us to achieve these goals and therefore help enable you to achieve yours.

Matt Dunbar | Owner & Lead Advisor

Meet Matt Dunbar, the visionary founder and President of Rogue Benefit Planning. With nearly two decades of industry experience and a diverse track record in various roles as a benefits consultant for both large and small brokerages, Matt possesses an unparalleled understanding of what businesses seek and expect from their health benefits consultant.

Drawing from his extensive professional journey, Matt has not only honed his expertise but also embraced the unique strengths of each agency he worked with. This synthesis of experience and insight has been seamlessly woven into the fabric of Rogue Benefit Planning, creating a consultancy that stands out in meeting and exceeding the expectations of its clients.

Notable Skillsets Include:

  • Extensive expertise in insurance markets, association plans, and diverse employee benefits, he excels in aligning these offerings with a company’s specific needs and budgetary constraints.
  • Proficient in benefits communication, guiding employees through plan intricacies, and sharing best practices to optimize utilization.
  • Advocates for the seamless integration of benefits programs with cutting-edge solutions. This not only aids HR managers in efficient administration but also liberates their time to truly embrace their role. Say goodbye to paperwork – electronic enrollment platforms streamline processes, eliminating the need for manual forms and facilitating direct connections with carriers.
  • Connecting businesses with reliable service providers across various domains like IT, Payroll, 401k, CPA, Marketing, and more. Frustrated or seeking assistance? Matt leverages a dependable network to assist business owners in navigating their challenges.

Robin Mann | Account Executive

Robin, a proud Southern Oregon native, brings nearly a decade of expertise forged through intensive training under industry-leading professionals. Her wealth of experience reflects a dedication to excellence, marked by an unwavering commitment to going the extra mile for clients and their employees. Robin’s remarkable responsiveness and knack for delivering effective solutions set her apart. At the pinnacle of excellence in customer service, she stands out for many reasons.

Notably Skillsets Include:

  • Strategic Insight: Robin possesses an insightful understanding of benefit products, offering clients innovative strategies that provide long-term insurance solutions to align with their needs.
  • Exceptional Claims Support: Leveraging her expertise in medical billing, Robin delivers outstanding claims support, demonstrating a commitment to the well-being of her clients.
  • Regulatory Proficiency: With a deep knowledge of COBRA and ERISA compliance, Robin navigates the intricate regulatory landscape with finesse, ensuring clients remain in compliance and protected.
  • Continuous Learning: Demonstrating a commitment to excellence, Robin remains up-to-date with industry trends, mandates, and compliance changes, ensuring that her clients receive the most relevant and cutting-edge solutions.


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